5 Ways to Chase Rainy Day Boredom Away

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Things to do on rainy days.

It’s summer. It’s raining, and your kids are cooped up in the house. There’s a good possibility they’re going stir crazy and making you crazy in the process! Don’t sit around and wait for the sun to shine outside – there are plenty of indoor activities that you can do to have fun.


Build a Fort

Even when it’s not raining kids love making forts! Indulge them! Let them use any furniture they want (within reason) and supply some blankets and sheets. Younger children may need some help while older children will relish at the opportunity to turn the house upside down to construct their masterpiece.

Let them add sleeping bags, pillows and other comfortable items – even couch cushions – to decorate the interior. While the kids are busy building you can pop some popcorn or set out the supplies for a “make your own snack” bar. When they’re ready let them enjoy eating in their fort while watching a movie or just hanging out!

Put on a Show

Have the kids pick a scene from a favorite book or movie and try to re-create it.  Allow them to “build a set” with things they find around the house a rehearse their lines.  hen they are ready for the big production, don’t forget to video tape it so they can show friends and family (and enjoy watching it themselves).

Make a Meal

Kids love to get in the kitchen and help. Why not let them get involved? For older kids, supply them with cook books or magazines and let them select something that they would like to make. They’ll need to take the time to see if all the ingredients are at home to make their recipe – an added challenge. For younger children, give them a few options for things that would be easy for them to help with and you have ingredients on hand. Once it’s selected let them pitch in! Help younger children through the steps, allowing them to do age appropriate tasks. For older children you may be able to let them follow the recipe and make the meal on their own – with supervision of course.

This will not only entertain them but help them to build confidence and ability in learning to cook AND cleaning up as they go – because once the meal is over they’ll need to clean up the dishes too!

Have an Art Show

Gather up all your art supplies, paper, and old magazines and spread them out on a covered table. Let your kids create their own artwork using whatever they would like. You can display their artwork on a string that is tied between two objects. Hang the artwork using binder clips or clothespins. After your meal you can walk through the art gallery and admire their handiwork!

Family Games

Even with loads of technology available to children today, board games are still thoroughly enjoyed. Having several on hand can help out in a pinch. Get out all the games on a rainy day and have a board game marathon! Keep track of each of the games and who the winners were. See how many games they can play – not allowing for repeats until all the games are played.

You’ll notice there are few mentions of technology in these ideas. Computer games, videos, and movies are ways to break up a rainy day however spending all day in front of the screen isn’t good for anyone. Encourage kids to try some of these other activities before rewarding them with screen time.

Written by Maureen Fitzgerald

Maureen Fitzgerald

Maureen Fitzgerald is a Milwaukee, Wisconsin freelance writer, social media marketer, community manager, and brand enthusiast. She helps brands reach more potential customers through targeted consultation sessions, press coverage, product reviews and campaigns both at WisconsinMommy.com and by leveraging her blogger network, the Wisconsin Mom Squad


  1. I love your ideas as it really promotes creativity and I use to do these types of things with my kids when they were young and they grew up to be very imaginative and creative people.

  2. Great tips, all of them we do ourselves, It happens to be raining today !

  3. This is such a great list. We’ve had so much rain this summer here in Minnesota.

  4. making a meal is one of our favorites…since their favorite thing to do is eat! Great tips!

  5. Such great ideas! My kids and I love to build forts!