About Us

We here at Don’t Parent Without It are parents too.  We know that it’s tough.  We know that it’s work.  But we’ve been through it – and survived.  And here at Don’t Parent Without It, we’ve created a place where we can share the things that made our parenting journey easier.  So we hope that you will grab that much needed cup of coffee, sit down for a minute or two, and let us help make your parenting journey a bit easier and more enjoyable.

Who We Are:

Maureen Fitzgerald

Maureen Fitzgerald is a Milwaukee, Wisconsin freelance writer, social media marketer, community manager, and brand enthusiast. She helps brands reach more potential customers through targeted consultation sessions, press coverage, product reviews and campaigns both at WisconsinMommy.com and by leveraging her blogger network, the Wisconsin Mom Squad.  Maureen also provides help and resources for new and growing bloggers on her site, Blogger Success Tips.  Maureen happily shares her home with her husband (Jay) 10 year old son (LJ) and rescued poochon (Roofus – or as he’s know in the social media world, Wisconsin Doggy).

Kate Eschbach

Kate is a professional photographer, enjoys handwritten correspondence, and may break out into musical numbers at any time. She and her husband Brian have been married since 1999. They have two biological children – Julia, 13 and Nate, 10 – and they are in the process of adopting an adorable three year old, named Riley. She is a Texas girl and has lived in Scottsdale for 5 wonderful (and hot!) years. She writes a personal blog named Songs Kate Sang. She is passionate about encouraging and serving others!

Agnes Rhodes

Agnes is a busy mom of two.  Ex-stay at home mom now juggling 3 jobs as well as home life and her kids busy schedules.  She is a black belt in Taekwondo and enjoys living an active lifestyle in the western Chicago suburbs.  Agnes also blogs at Diary of a Stay at Home Mom where she writes about her daily life, recipes, product reviews and more.


Dani Schnakenberg