DIY Lavender and Coconut Milk Bath Soak

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Lavender is an herb that has been used for treating restlessness, insomnia, nervousness, and depression. So what better way to end a hectic day than by reading a great book while soaking in a hot steamy lavender and coconut milk bath and feeling your stress just melt away. It’s like having a little mini spa in your own home and makes falling to sleep a little easier!

Lavender and Coconut Milk Bath Soak


1/4 to 1/2 cup dried lavender buds or 12 drops lavender essential oils
1-2 cans coconut milk
Bathtub (full of hot steamy water)
Your favorite book or magazine
A little peace and quiet

Run a bathtub full of water to your desired temperature.
Add in your coconut milk and lavender flowers.
Soak long enough for your stress to melt away. Reading a book is always relaxing for me but sometimes lighting a candle and shutting the lights off helps me get to sleep a lot quicker.

I did find that the lavender can be a real bear when it comes to clean up time. Although adding the lavender straight to the bath water gives it more of a spa feel. If you’re wanting an experience that is a little easier to clean up it works just as well if you add your lavender into the toe of a knee high stocking or old pair of pantyhose. Tie a knot real close to the lavender and add to the bath water that way. The essence oil can also be a breeze to clean up if you want to go that route.

Lavender is not a quick fix to sleeplessness but just an aid to help you become more relaxed. Avoiding caffeine by 3 pm can greatly reduce sleep problems and stopping computer and cell phone usage at least 2 hours before bed can help shut your mind off and aid in a better nights rest. So plan yourself a spa night tonight and make your own lavender and coconut milk bath soak and happy sleeping!

Do you have a great use for lavender that you can share with us today?

Written by Maureen Fitzgerald

Maureen Fitzgerald

Maureen Fitzgerald is a Milwaukee, Wisconsin freelance writer, social media marketer, community manager, and brand enthusiast. She helps brands reach more potential customers through targeted consultation sessions, press coverage, product reviews and campaigns both at and by leveraging her blogger network, the Wisconsin Mom Squad


  1. This looks super easy and a great way to relax. I shared this post on my Facebook page for others to enjoy as well 🙂 Thanks for sharing!