Take a Stress Free Family Vacation

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Take A Stress Free Family Vacation

Vacations are all about getting away from the daily grind and relaxing, but if you have ever gone on a family vacation you probably know how stressful it can actually be. We are here to help you  Take A Stress Free Family Vacation this year. Not only is it possible, it is easy to accomplish. Planning ahead and working together as a family can make this year the best family vacation yet.


Get The Whole Family Involved. Instead of taking all the responsibility for planning on yourself, get the entire family involved in your family vacation. Assign tasks according to your kids abilities. If you have a teen who is handy on the Internet, have them research best flight prices or hotel prices for you. Take a vote on destination desires. Have your spouse work with you on setting a budget for the trip. Involve everyone in some aspect from booking to packing.

Call The Travel Agent. While most of the time you can find better deals when working on your vacation yourself, there becomes a point when it is simply better overall for you to let someone else handle the details. International vacations and resort stays can be a real headache to plan alone. Invest the nominal fee and get a travel agent to do the leg work for you.

Don’t Overbook. Make sure to add in at minimum 1, but preferably 2-3 flex days in your vacation time. That can be taking an extra day off from work to recuperate when you arrive home, or simply adding a buffer “free” day within your time at your destination. This allows for hiccups like travel layovers, car problems, illness or exhaustion.

Go To Known Destinations. Most families want to go to a new exciting destination every single year, but one of the biggest stresses involved is the unknown. This year choose a favorite destination from years past and go again. Not only do you already know the lay of the land, but you’ll have a better idea on what to take with you, hotel accommodations and expenses for the trip. This takes a huge burden from you right away.

Book All Inclusive Getaways. Resort vacations and cruises are gaining more popularity every year due to their all inclusive packages. You pay one flat fee and don’t have to worry much about outside food and travel costs. Being able to know where you are eating every meal, and that it is already paid for is a huge stress reliever. Check out sites like Groupon, Living Social, Amazon Local and Endless Vacation Rentals for great packages on all inclusive stays.

This year you can provide your family with a fun filled and relaxing vacation just by following our simple tips. There is nothing difficult about these ways to take a stress free family vacation. It simply comes down to setting simple goals, communicating well and letting go of preconceived notions about what you have to do to make it a “real” vacation. Vacation is about time away from daily life with your loves ones. Enjoy a stress free family vacation this year no matter where your destination may be.

Written by Maureen Fitzgerald

Maureen Fitzgerald

Maureen Fitzgerald is a Milwaukee, Wisconsin freelance writer, social media marketer, community manager, and brand enthusiast. She helps brands reach more potential customers through targeted consultation sessions, press coverage, product reviews and campaigns both at WisconsinMommy.com and by leveraging her blogger network, the Wisconsin Mom Squad